Set VLAN ID on a Network Adapter in Windows 7

Here are the steps to set a VLAN (Virtual LAN) ID on a network adapter in Windows 7:

    1. Right click on Computer > Click Properties
    2. Click Device Manager
    3. Expand Network Adapters
    4. Right click on the adapter you want to set the VLAN for > Click Properties
  1. Click on the Advanced Tab
  2. Under the Property window select VLAN ID
  3. In the Value window set your VLAN ID
  4. Click OK.

Your VLAN ID is now set. This same procedure should work in other versions of Windows with a sleight variation.

  • Ramylod2005

    I have a network card the has the “Priority and VLAN” option is existing but does not have the option of ” VLAN ID ” …. ???

  • It might be worth looking at the vendor to see if they have a driver update. If not perhaps your specific card doesn’t support assigning VLAN IDs.

  • O_i_p_v

    Hi.. thanks… but in windows vista?

  • Heuheu

    fuck vista

  • Ted Mittelstaedt

    The VLAN ID is something that is required to be set in the Windows device driver.  Windows itself has no mechanism for doing this.

    Only a few network card drivers have the code in them to set a VLAN ID.

    I have a laptop that has a Ralink chip that has a driver that does not allow setting VLAN ID under Windows.

    But I can boot the laptop under UNIX and set the VLAN ID.

  • vamshi9

    i guess this work only on GBe only not for FE