Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool

Microsoft’s Web Application Stress tool is a simple, free load generation tool that Microsoft no longer supports or provides the download links to. It seems to still have a small community dedicated to using it and since Windows 7 comes with a virtualized version of XP it could very well be used into the future.

On a few occasions I’ve used it to generate load to test my companies APIs. Its interface is pretty simple, albeit old. There are quite a few sites dedicated to helping users understand it’s functionality which I’ve listed as resources at the bottom page.

I did a quick Google search and found a few sites that had the software which I cite as my original source downloads. I consolidated the tool download with the required DLL (for Windows Vista and higher). The DLL needs to be placed in C:WindowsSystem32 before installing the software however I’d recommend if you have Windows 7 you just download Windows Virtual PC and the Windows XP mode and run it naturally from there.

To download the Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool or (WAST download) go here:

My original source downloads:

Follow up resources on how to use: – I’d recommend you use in google chrome and have it translate to English