Keith Klain’s 2012 Star East Keynote

Keith Klain, head of Barclay’s Global Test Centre, gave a keynote presentation at StarEast 2012 in Orlando, FL entitled Bridging the Gap: Leading Change in a Community of Testers and it was really well received in the context-driven community.

The story is about how they positioned testing in the organization and how they hire someone, a process Keith refers to as their induction process. Keith also talks about Barclay’s approach to testing, how they took mismanaged test teams and realigned them to produce great results and benefit the company. He places a lot of emphasis on knowing what you want from your team. I’d recommend managers take a look.

You’ve got a few options if you missed Keith’s presentation on transforming Barclay’s Capital independent Global Test Centre (GTC) into a well recognized and effective business:

  • Zeger Van Hese (of Test Side Story) has written a nice summary of Keith’s talk here that’s worth reading.
  • If you’ve got the time it’s worth watching the presentation – you can download or stream it from Vimeo here:

Keith Klain Bridging the Gap: Leading Change in a community of testers from Chris Kenst on Vimeo.