Explore some of my favorite personal projects I’ve worked on over the years, starting with my current ones:


  • 2015 to Present
  • My first experiment with GitHub Pages and Jekyll was to build a simple list of software testing conferences and workshops from around the world.
  • An open source, community driven list.
  • One, if not the, top result when you search for testing conferences. It is used by conference goers and speakers worldwide.
  • Hundreds receive a monthly email with the latest updates from the site (mostly about which conferences and workshops are upcoming for the month).

ChrisReads, Reading List


  • 2014 to Present
  • My first successfully running Ruby on Rails application is a Reading List. I put it’s code on GitHub and then deployed it to Heroku’s free tier so I could use it as a targeted application for testing and demos.
  • Not maintained much outside of its use for testing.

Landing Page

  • 2017 to Present
  • Forked from an existing site. I liked the simplicity of this site so much I now use it as a landing page for my domain Sooner than later will also redirect to it.
  • Built using GitHub Pages, CSS and HTML.

Former projects:

  • My first real WordPress site with articles stretching back to 2006. It’s active but slowly being torn down.
  • I’ve since moved to Journaling as an alternative to personal blogging. I only want to maintain one WordPress site at a time.

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