Quality & Testing Bibliography

A list of writings relating to a given subject

The more information and concepts I’m exposed to the better I’m able to grasp and make sense of the world of software quality. After 12 or so years I’m just starting to understand testing and quality. 😃

Completed Books

  1. BBST Foundations Workbook
  2. BBST Bug Advocacy Workbook
  3. BBST Foundations Workbook
  4. BBST Domain Testing Workbook
  5. Lessons Learned in Software Testing
  6. Explore It!
  7. Perfect Software and Other Illusions about Software Testing
  8. The Selenium GuideBook
  9. Testing Applications on the Web
  10. Testing Computer Software 2nd Edition
  11. How Google Tests Software
  12. How to Break Software A Practical Guide
  13. How to Break Web Software
  14. How to Break Software Security
  15. Exploratory Software Testing: Tips, Tricks, Tours, etc.
  16. Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook
  17. The A Word
  18. Pride and Paradev
  19. Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
  20. A Practitioners Guide to Software Test Design
  21. Everyday Scripting in Ruby
  22. The Little Black Book on Test Design
  23. A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps
  24. Hands-on Mobile App Testing
  25. Accelerate

Unfinished Books

  1. The Tester’s Pocketbook
  2. Experiences of Test Automation
  3. Software Testing Techniques
  4. The Craft of Software Testing
  5. Introduction to Software Testing, Ammann & Offutt
  6. Agile Testing, Gregory & Crispin
  7. An Introduction to General Systems Thinking
  8. Thinking, Fast and Slow
  9. Managing the Testing Process
  10. The Tangled Web

Anti-Library Books

  1. Specification by Example
  2. Beautiful Testing
  3. The Art of Software Testing
  4. Continuous Delivery
  5. Clean Code
  6. The Software Craftsman
  7. The Way of the Web Tester

To be continued…

There are more readings in my anti-library. I’m likely missing a few books that I’ve read and discarded. I think this is a pretty decent start and the anti-library list will continue to grow in both topics (become more broadly about software development and other movements) and quantity.

Now I realize quantity isn’t a great sole metric but it is an easy data point in helping me understand what points of view I’ve been exposed to.