Bad Software

Bad Software is a book about getting your money’s worth when you buy computer software. Cem Kaner and David L. Pels wrote it to help you get a refund, support, or compensation for significant losses caused by defective software.

The website offered three things:

  1. A collection of Cem’s articles
  2. A collection of links to UCC Article 2B historical articles
  3. Some material from Cem’s book, Bad Software

The articles that he picked for the site are largely out of date. The law has evolved (we won the Article 2B battle but lost the war). The links to external documents are dead. The book material is largely out of date.

Cem didn’t think there is much point preserving this site in its present form.

If you do want to see the site still, you can find it on the WayBackMachine.

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