The following are a few resources I use and recommend others use as well. Some of these are guides, lists or tools.

Bug Reporting Cheat Sheet

The report writer’s job is to describe the bug in a way that helps get it fixed. No one wants to read a bug report that doesn’t make sense, requires too much work to understand or is offensive. This document lays out some advice to help improve that process.


The following are mindmaps I use regularly. Feel free to use them as a template and make your own changes:

  • Heuristic Test Strategy Model [xmind]
  • Test Techniques Taxonomy [xmind]
  • Parts of the Testing Process [xmind]

Templates for Test Design

Test Idea Catalogs

Test Idea Catalogs are a list of related items that are effective at finding information (or bugs) that are efficient to use. Here is a hopefully useful list of public ones:

Useful Websites


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