Five for Friday - February 1, 2019

I don’t imagine doing a Five for Friday often (this is in fact the first time I’ve done one) but it seems like a good format for a few important things happening this month:

  1. February 21st at 11am, I’m hosting Brent Jensen for an AST webinar on Building a Data-Centric Modern Quality Culture. You should sign up! Brent is co-host of my favorite testing podcast: AB Testing where he and Alan Page work on the Modern Testing Principles.
    • I’ve been wanting to do this webinar for some time because data analysis can help us better understand what quality means to our customers. This is part of Modern Testing Principle #6.
  2. Yesterday I took the 2019 State of Testing survey and I think you should too.
  3. There’s 10 days left for CAST 2019 Call for Proposals and I’m working on 2 abstracts for workshops. If you haven’t already, consider applying!
  4. I listen to a few podcasts including the Tim Ferris show. I only listen to those episodes which seem interesting and Tim’s interview with Patrick Collison, CEO and Co-Founder of Stripe was great. It’s worth it if you have the time.
  5. Another podcast I listen to  (occasionally) is the Joe Rogan Experience and a great recent episode is with Killer Mike. From the show notes “Killer Mike is a rapper, actor, and activist. He is one half of the group Run The Jewels and has a new show on Netflix called “Trigger Warning” available now.” Well worth a listen!

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