Five for Friday - September 20, 2019

Your head’s for having ideas, not for holding them. — David Allen

I’m fairly certain I like writing because it clears my mind and gives me calm (aka I have ideas and then get too distracted when I hold them).

Welcome to Friday, here are five points worth exploring:

    • CAST 2019 wrapped up in early August. We recorded some sessions including keynotes which I’ve edited and put them up on the web (also on our YouTube channel). Checkout out the recordings of Sessions and Keynotes!
    • Planning for CAST 2020 is already in the works. We’ll be in Austin, TX in the first week of August. A Big Discounted package called Blind Bat is on sale (super early bird pricing) if want to get the jump on the planning.
    • Improvements are coming to and I wrote about a few of them including the use of Sponsorships.
    • I don’t often listen to Tim Ferris but I got some value out of his interview of David Allen, author of the book “The Art of Getting Things Done“. Part of his process for personal productivity already fits into the way I currently do things but I’ve got room for improvement. Listen here.
    • STARWEST is coming up in a few weeks. I’m presenting a tutorial on Monday but Wednesday and Thursday will be live streamed through their “Virtual Conference”. You can Register here.


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