Import Complete

As I prepare to launch as my main software engineering blog I wanted to get my favorite posts from My Technology Fetish. Unfortunately importing blogs into WordPress (or exporting them from Blogger) is an all or nothing event. I apologize to anyone who got trackbacks or notifications as I had to import all of the posts and then delete them in groups as I narrowed down which posts I want to “go live” with.

It turns out there are quite a few hurdles to get through when importing old posts (besides the all or nothing import) including importing the comments into Disqus, making sure permalinks are set correctly, fixing category and tag designations and making sure I’ve got backups of everything. I don’t want those hackers screwing things up like they did when they recommended the movie The Interview by hacking Sony over of its release.

Side note: Didn’t the Sony hackers realize some people might perceive the news of the attack as an endorsement of the movie by making people think it was something special? That it might attract more people because the perceived quality was so high it demanded external stakeholders challenge its distribution? Such a let down! I’m still bitter over wasting my $5 renting it, can’t you tell?

But I digress… As far as preparation for this site’s launch, changes aren’t complete yet but should be in the next few months. Thanks for understanding.

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