My first NFT purchase is called Orcastra, created by the artist Justin Maller. 

I'm intrigued by Web3 and it's enablement of someone to own some part of the web. (Web3 offers a read-write-own version of the web).

Intrigue seems like the right word. On one hand it seems like a secret plot of the web to derive value from existing work. It is also complex and lacks of ease and accessibility. On the other hand I would love to be able to create unique things of my own that might appreciate over time.

This has me curious about NFTs and as a consequence cryptocurrencies. I've invested a small sum of money in crypto and purchased a few NFTs from an artist I admire. This has me taken my first steps into the Web3 world by becoming a user or consumer of the web rather than as a developer. That means there's a whole lot to learn.

Tokens I own:

Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers
NFC Conference Championship: Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers – January 30, 2022