Rapid Testing Intensive 2012: Day 1 Recap

This is a previous day recap of the things we did in Rapid Testing Intensive #1, Day 1 on Orcas Island, WA in 2012. I hope I remember everything. Some of the information I took from Karen Johnson’s internal micro-blog. We’ve got eBay’s support, developers online, ready to help with any bugs we find.

9:00 AM – Description of what we will be doing from Jon and James. How Jira works for reporting bugs, find project documentation, etc.

9:31 AM – First assignment is a Usability Test of eBay Motor’s My Vehicle section. Session testing in pairs. There is a script to follow, find and report bugs as well as fill out the script. Post it to Jira when done.

11:35 AM – Wrap up of the first assignment. Get all bugs in.

11:47 AM – Usability test debrief from Jon and James.

12:00 PM – Lunch time.

1:10 PM – James is talking about Rapid Software Testing.

1:50 PM – James talking about the Law of Requisite Variety.

2:05 PM – Going over notes about RST, James is discussing a style of testing called galumphing. There was a blog post on this a while back.

2:15 PM – James talking about the heuristic test strategy which can be found here.

2:18 PM – Talking about Test Coverage Outlines. This leads to our next assignment.

3:00 PM – Working on the second assignment which is to be grouped into tables. My table is called Tron. We are working on the “data surface” and our job is to create a TCO or Test Coverage Outline.

3:06 PM – Done creating TCOs.

3:10 PM – Jon and James are doing a de-brief and showing off a few of the TCOs.

4:00 PM – James talking about his note-taking while harvesting test ideas.

4:06 PM – Talking about alternation: read the spec, play. Repeat and continue.

4:50 PM – Done for the day.

Photos from the event have been posted on Flickr.
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