State of Testing Survey 2013

Lalit Bhamare a co-founder and editor of Tea Time with Testers magazine contacted me to share a project he and Joel Montvelisky came up with – a State of Testing survey. Lalit said it best when he described why they wanted to undertake this survey:

Some weeks ago my friend, Joel Montvelisky was looking for information to write a post about the advances in the testing world in the last 5-10 years and he realized that there is no centralized set of information that provides visibility into what is happening and what are the trends in the world of testing today. In principle he was looking for something similar to the State of Agile survey that he reviews each year when it goes out, and he was not able to find something that provided such information.

Lalit Bhamare

So Joel contacted me and we decided to turn this into a project i.e. to conduct a State of Testing Survey that will provide a snapshot of our testing reality and help us to capture some of the trends as they shift year by year.

Lalit Bhamare

They want to understand a few things about the testing community (click to see a bigger image):

I think this is a great idea so I signed up to be notified when the survey goes live. I encourage you to do the same by going to Oh and hurry it will only be available for 10 days, starting towards the end of this week!

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