Testing Idol Worship?

With software testing I’ve found it important to identify a few key experts in the field to see what they’re saying, doing, reading, etc. in order to learn and expand my testing thinking. Maybe it’s the size of the industry, the lack of “basic” testing education but there seem to be a number of ways to get trapped in the “hump” of a testing career. Perhaps all industries are like this and this is the first time I’m experiencing it?

Luckily Twitter makes following experts very easy as do blogs. I’m excited so many testers blog! To the untrained eye it might look like I’ve got a case of testing idol worship. A year ago or so ago I was writing a lot about James Whittaker and now all I seem to be doing is writing about James Bach. (I wonder how my Google page rank looks when searching for the name ‘James + software testing’…?)

Don’t worry it’s not testing idol worship, at least I don’t think it is. It’s more an exploratory way to learn about the testing body of knowledge and discuss (with myself ha ha ha…. sad face) the things going on.

Bear with me and enjoy the ride.

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