Catching up on a few Conferences

One of the great things about modern testing conferences is most either live stream or record their conference talks so the information can be disseminated to a wider audience. While you don’t get the interaction and conferring that an in-person visit would get you, it does make it easier for those who can’t travel to or are priced out of many conferences and allows them to get potentially useful insights.

After I went to CAST in August I wrote in-depth about my experiences. CAST was my one and only conference for the year, so when the Selenium Conference came up I couldn’t swing it. STARWEST is going on now, but again can’t swing it. The good news is it’s easy to catch up on many (maybe not all) of the important conferences.

First, I’d highly recommend catching up on CAST 2015, if you haven’t already:

I’ve gone through all of the CAST videos because despite being in attendance, there were so many were sessions that I just didn’t get to go to. Even the ones I attended, watching them again gave me some additional tidbits.

Second, I’d recommend catching up on is the Selenium Conference 2015 (or SeConf 2015). I’m working on this one as I write:

Have I missed any other testing or testing-related conferences? I know STARWEST has it’s virtual conference but it doesn’t put anything online. Enjoy!

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