Goodbye and Hello

Goodbye and Hello
Photo by Francisco De Legarreta C. / Unsplash

Today I sent my last personal newsletter and then deleted my account.

I called it Hello and Goodbye:

Hello Friends,

It's easily been 2 years since I've sent a newsletter to anyone on this mailing list. So long in fact you may not even remember having signed up!

Don't worry you don't need to unsubscribe.

This is the last newsletter I'm going to send before I delete this whole list.

Before I hit delete, I have a question to ask:

In the last few weeks I migrated my blog over to which among other things allows me to send newsletters with each blog post I publish.

Would you be interested in getting my blog posts directly in your inbox? If so consider signing up.

It's always been a challenge to write for a blog and then decide what (if anything) is worth sharing in a newsletter to subscribers. I get timid about promoting myself when others opt into knowing more.

Thats primairly why I switched to ghost (that and I love supporting open source sustainable business). With each story I write, I click a button and send it to newsletter subscribers. Less of a goodbye and more of a hello.

Eventually I'll be able to create content that is only available to subscribers.

Now, would you be interested in getting my blog posts directly in your inbox?

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