How to export environments from Postman

Postman can export data, including collections and environments, to be used outside of Postman. This is especially important when using Newman (their command-line collection runner).

With the release of Postman v8.2 it is easier to find and export Postman collections but harder to find and export environments, hence this article.

Export environments from Postman

Click the eye icon in the upper right corner

Click to open the window.

Edit the Environment

Once the quick look is open, edit it.

Export the environment

Click the ellipsis (three dots) and choose Export. Now choose where you’d like to save your environment json file.

If you prefer video:

That’s it! Sorry for the empty examples, but I wanted to quickly document how to find and export environments from Postman. Mostly for my own sake because I probably won’t remember where it is the next time I need to update Newman.

FWIW, I have no idea why exporting an environment is now so buried. You used to be able to export them after two clicks. For further confusion: If you want to export a collection you can simply go to the collections section, click on the ellipsis and choose export. The same action on the environments section doesn’t give you the export option…

Hopefully in updated versions they will make this easier and more consistent.

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