It’s easier to write about tooling

It’s easier to write about tooling

It’s easier to write about tooling than it is to write about the decisions we took and models we made prior to choosing it. I can write about a specific test I designed with WebDriverIO far easier than I can write about the strategy taken, oracles used or even the trade offs.

Aside from being a popular approach, there’s a lot of value in this directness. I’m able to succinctly communicate a specific problem and solution that might help someone else solve a similar problem.

The downside is when someone doesn’t understand this subtle communicative strategy and makes the wrong assumption(s) about the decision path. This seems to be a common pattern when talking with someone new to automation in testing: they just want the tool and none of the other fluff.

My solution for this problem is a bit of fishing: I will recommend a tool and then ask a lot of background questions even if that means I retract my initial recommendation.

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