The Bug Bounty Hunter

I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like thanks to an intense software testing class, travel, a few too many energy drinks which lead to some bad sleep and other life musings. New topics keep coming to mind and although I haven’t had the time to complete my thoughts, I plan to get a few more things out before the end of the year. In the meantime I thought it would be fun to share a graphic my friend Jeremy created for me a few years ago called The Bug Bounty Hunter:

Nickname from Jeremy Romero

Boba Fett is my favorite Star Wars character. The combination of Q.A. (Quality Assistance aka Software Testing) and Boba Fett as a “bug bounty hunter” was too awesome to pass up. This photo is so awesome that I enlarged it and hung it up over my test lab a few years ago.

Naturally In my attempt to share this image I came across a little usability problem with Blogger’s upload file function. To insert an image into a blog post a user clicks on the Insert Image icon. The upload feature gives the user no indication of limits just that “[y]ou may upload multiple files at once. Use JPG, GIF, or PNG files.” I became a bit confused when I got an error message saying “Upload failed: Image too big”.

Wait a minute I don’t see a limit posted anywhere. Once I get past the confusion I start to think, what about the image is too big? I assume blogger means the file size is too big so I make the file size smaller and try again. I get the same problem. The size of the picture is 10800 x 7200 which is large enough to be blown up and printed out. I think the error message meant to say was my resolution was too high.

Bugs are fun. Enjoy the photo courtesy of the Bug Bounty Hunter. =)