late-May Updates

Some random thoughts and updates towards the end of May:

  • On August 8th, Dwayne Green and I are teaching a workshop at the Conference for the Association for Software Testing on Domain Testing (aka Boundary Analysis + Equivalence Class Partioning). Will you be there? If so come to our quick workshop (click the image link above!)
  • I’m runing for the AST board of directors… again. Last year was my first time running and I wasn’t successful. Second time is the charm?
  • I’m half way through Michael Lewis’ The Undoing Project and already loving it. I knew nothing about the subject before starting it and have been pleasantly surprised to find out it’s about Daniel Kahneman who wrote the very influential (great book) Thinking, Fast and Slow. Also there’s talk of data analysis and statistics!
  • Of the 2 mailing lists I run, one for this site and another for I’ve sent GDPR related confirmations to non-US subscribers. Of all the GDPR related emails I’ve recieved, only one came from a list I didn’t recognize / didn’t subscribe to.
  • The last few weeks have been crazy busy, but I hope to write more about it soon. Changes coming!


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Jamie Larson